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Mentally disabled people are everywhere around us. They are doomed to loneliness, misery and being unloved . They are limited by stereotyping and complexes. They don’t live a life and they never have.
They don’t know what it means to bring joy and be a rock for their significant ones. These people don’t know what it means to be a source of pride for their families.
They are alone in their pain. They are genuinely lonely.
But they have got Hope- the only thing left.
And sometimes Her Majesty Fortune smiles down at them .
Medical labor rehabilitation center “Baranovichi”
It provides mentally disabled people with an opportunity to work a few hours a day. They earn enough to cover the medication expenses ,to get food stamps and some pocket money. They socialize with people like them and produce the tangible goods.

This project initiated by Natalia Ovsyanko, the coordinator of the Innovative platform of the Chair of Cross-cultural communication of the Academy of public administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, has the objective to draw attention to the the most vulnerable social segment – the mentally disabled people , and show how they build on their disability and despite everything , continue to strive and work benefitting the community . And this is just one side to the project- the other one is fully dedicated to the way the community can contribute to the life of these people. It can be a large variety of ways-charity, volunteering , crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, co- working, collaboration and establishing partnership.
We took upon ourselves the initiative to build a web-site about them and the Internet-store to help them find customers for their produced merchandise.
Because here , at the premises of Baranovichi medical therapy workshop , they have a chance to work and socialize .
For just a very few hours a day they are engaged in labor-making bedding, kitchen towels, medical robes, etc.
The produced merchandise has a variety of prints, textiles , sizes and highly competitive with the one made by the Belarusian manufacturers.