This project is an attempt to build the bridge between unordinary people and the rest of the world involving, especially young people, who are most likely to ignore the mentally disabled with a certain stigma attached. ICT allows to make the connection between all participants efficiently but it is the enthusiastic approach of concerned individuals that makes a difference in the community.

We have made an effort to get to know people with mental disability and their needs in order to determine the type of help they require.
Through the creation of a web-resource we educate the society about the mentally disable people- the way they live,are being treated, their problems and so on;
In the process of project realization we get the young people interact with this particular social group – learning to communicate , finding strong and weak points, empathizing and , what is most important, -learning to care.
Not many people give their thoughts to the fact that a present day moral and spiritual downshift is owed to our indifference to those we are still capable of helping – be it a smile, a friendly conversation or support .
As a rule , in the process of pursuing our own life goals we tend to lose basic values and forget what really matters and what makes us humans.
We urge everyone to consider this project a wake-up call for the society that will ignite our hearts with enthusiasm and a long-lost need to care.